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Welcome to Stop HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)

*New* We now have a Forums page where you can discuss just about anything along with eliminating HFCS

We started this site in order that there might be a source that lists foods free from HFCS.

Many people feel that this additive/chemical in food is the cause of many health problems. It's a lab produced chemical that the body does not recognize as a food product.

While it's still arguable the level of harm this additive may cause, many people report improved health, weight loss, and a general sense of feeling better upon eliminating this substance.

Since HFCS is found in so many foods, we hope to reward products without this chemical by promoting the companies that have had the integrity to maintain ingredients that lean to being more natural.

Although a lot of us are on the path to incorporate more natural, organic, and simple foods to our diet a good first start lies in eliminating HFCS.

Please join us in this journey.

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