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Please read our Disclaimer

Although it is my firm opinion that high fructose corn syrup is harmful and should be avoided, I am neither a doctor nor a nutritionist.

I do my best to maintain a list of HFCS free foods but since I rely on a lot of information from others, I can not vouch for the accuracy of this list. Also, food manufactures can change their recipe. So what may have at one time not contained HFCS might now include it as an ingredient.

The links and articles are contained for your information. Once again, I can not guarantee their accuracy. You will need to be the final judge as to the safety of the foods you consume.

Lastly, I encourage everyone to check the labels of the foods you wish to purchase even if they appear on this list. Once again, there could be an error in my list or a manufacturer could have changed their ingredients.

Please feel free to email me of any product you find that does not contain HFCS and I will be happy to add this to the list.

Thank you.